Dwyer Associates

Denver, Colorado





1 or 2 Days

Optimal Class Size = 10 12 participants


  • To appreciate the challenge of Advocacy witnessing
  • To develop competent and effective Advocacy Support skills.
  • To experience the role of Advocate and Backup/Support.
  • To achieve a Team approach to Advocacy.


This is a developmental seminar that addresses the unique needs of Support Personnel of the Advocate/Witness .  The emphasis is on developing and applying the Team concept to Advocacy. Included are:

  1. The role of Advocacy is explored along with the needs for advocacy backup and support.
  2. Interrogatory and Discovery processing is treated and suggestions are presented.
  3. Time is allowed to discuss individual participant support needs.
  4. Advocacy support is addressed and guidance is provided.
  5. Follow up help, at home, is afforded.

Participants prepare as a team for hearings and experience a brief mock cross-examination on the final day.


OPTION: This workshop may include a questionnaire survey of your existing work group, to understand the current team climate and develop recommendations for improvement.