Dwyer Associates

Denver, Colorado






2 1/2 Days

Optimal Class Size = 4-6  participants



  • To understand and experience the role of the Advocate.
  • To develop competent and effective Advocacy skills.
  • To deliver credible Advocacy positions.
  • To manage the stress of the Advocacy role.


 This is our flagship workshop. 

It is a highly interactive workshop with multiple video taped witness exercises, designed expressly for the Advocate. Due to its scope and intensity the workshop size is limited to 8 participants.

The workshop includes:

  1. Presentation of a positive and goal oriented approach to the Advocate role.
  2. The importance and distinctions of Public and Regulatory Inquiry
  3. Understanding and developing Strategies
  4. Written and Oral Testimony preparation
  5. Dealing with Stress

In addition to developing the skills of Advocacy, emphasis is placed on the importance of Public/Regulatory inquiry, as well as the process of dealing with stress.

Participants will actively participate in testimony writing and hearing preparation.

A self-preparation system for hearings and cross-exam is developed for future use

The experience culminates in a video taped cross-examination exercise, by veteran professionals. (may be done in partnership with your attorney)

The workshop includes a personal and private analysis of the Participantís written and oral testimony.

Follow up help, at home, is afforded.