Dwyer Associates

Denver, Colorado






2 Days

Optimal Class Size = 8 to 10 participants


To understand the statutory & legal bases for government intervention in the marketplace.


To assess the strengths and weaknesses of traditional rate of return regulation and understand the basis for alternate forms of regulation.


To understand the economics of costing and pricing decisions in an emerging competitive telecommunications market.


To understand the basic features of the Telecommunications Industry and to address the progress toward competition.


This Workshop includes:

A primer for those entering, or desiring knowledge about, the field of Telecommunications Policy and Regulation.

An introduction to the concepts of Public Interest and Regulation.

A review of Telecommunication milestones in technology, innovation and competition is presented as a predicate to understanding the progression to present day Policy and Regulation.

A hands-on experience of determining the perspectives of the major parties in the regulatory environment.

A simplified case study approach is used to develop understanding of the elements of Regulatory Accounting, Revenue Requirements and Rate Structure,.

An overview of  Economic Principles, Incremental Costing and Pricing and the basis for Competitive entry and Global Industry restructuring.